Tips For A Massage

When it comes to a massage you want to really take your time and plan out your experience.  When we go for a massage we go because we want to relieve stress, work on some aches and pains or we simply want to do something nice for ourselves.  Before you go to massage therapy in Pittsburgh PA, here are a few things you want to consider.

massage therapy in Pittsburgh PA

Pick your pain points

You want to mark or note your pain points.  When you do, you can notify your therapist of these areas and they will be able to take care and take extra care in working those areas as well as do special treatments for healing.  Without knowing these pain points your therapist may hurt you.


You want to shower and prepare yourself for your treatment.  When you shower you don’t want to use any perfumes, scented oils or soaps.  The idea behind the shower is make sure you are not offensive or sweaty when you go into your session, but you are also opening up your pours and loosening up your muscles.

Be comfortable

When we typically go for a massage, we are nude.  However, many people are not comfortable being nude so they may want to wear some type of clothing.  If you are going to wear clothing make sure that they are lose or can be easily moved or adjusted.  It is okay to be uncomfortable on your first time, however, don’t let your comfort or vanity keep you from a great experience.

Go with a friend

You might want to go with a friend.  When you go with a friend or a loved one, you are more relaxed and you are enjoying the experience much more.  When you go with a friend you can also create an entire day out of it by going to lunch, a movie or whatever.