What Are Cosmetic Neuromodulators?

Quite simply, a cosmetic neuromodulator is an injectable substance designed to reverse the common signs of aging. The outpatient procedure is relatively painless and only takes a few minutes regardless of the number of injections a person receives.

While it is primarily women that get injections, the modern age of cosmetics has grown the demand for cosmetic neuromodulators into a vast male clientele. Together, men and women account for the over six million injections performed every year in the USA.


The word “neuromodulators” is most likely unfamiliar to many. Most commonly, it is referred to by the popular brand name Botox. Botox injections became wildly popular in the 1980s as an effective solution to reduce or remove wrinkles on the face. Since its inception, Botox has become a multibillion-dollar industry including a wide variety of injectable fillers, including:

·    Dysport

wrinkles on the face

·    Xeomin

·    Jeuveau

·    Azzalure

In addition to injectable neuromodulators, there are also various face creams and lotions designed with the same principle in mind for those who prefer an alternative to a needle-based application.

For Neuromodulators

Cosmetic Neuromodulators are designed to remove or reduce a wide variety of facial skin issues. Most commonly, patients who receive injectable neuromodulators or fillers are seeking to reduce:

·    Crow’s Feet and baggy eyes due to collagen deficiency

·    Lines around the mouth due to smoking

·    Wrinkles caused by excess sun exposure

Recent studies have suggested that neuromodulators such as Botox may also help treat physical conditions such as neck pain, excessive sweating, or a lazy eye.

Cosmetology Services

Only a qualified and licensed cosmetologist should perform neuromodulator injections. Any attempt to cut costs with back-alley surgeons could result in severe injury or death if done incorrectly. Contact your local cosmetology office for more information about their neuromodulator cosmetic services.