5 Top Tips for Great Dental Health

Your smile by far is one of the most important things you own, but like a lot of stuff, once your teeth are gone, they’re gone. That is why caring for your teeth now is critical, especially since it takes just a few steps and a few minutes each day to accomplish that feat. Take a look at the top five tips below and use them to keep your smile beautiful, white, and healthy for the rest of your life.

1- Brush Twice Per Day

Brush in the morning and again before bedtime to remove plaque and particle buildup. Brush in a circular motion for two minute each session. Follow up by flossing the teeth to remove particles that brushing alone does not remove.

2- Watch What You Eat

Sweets can do a number on your teeth, harming the enamel and causing cavities. It is okay to eat sweet snacks and candies now and again, but choose wisely, and limit them. Drink a glass of water after a sweet snack to loosen and remove particles from the teeth.

3- Visit the Dentist

Tribeca Dental Care

Go to the dentist. Two annual visits to Tribeca Dental Care or the dentist of your choice will detect oral health problems early on so they’re treated before they cause major problems in your mouth.

4- Talk to the Dentist

In between those twice yearly visits notify the dentist if you experience bleeding gums, lumps in the mouth or white spots on the tongue as these are all signs of a more serious problem. The dentist can make sure any problems are detected early but that requires you to visit.

5- Drink More Water

Not only is water good for the body by keeping us hydrated and replenished, it is great for the teeth. Aim to drink at least eight bottles of water per day and watch your teeth whiten as you remove plaque, dirty and grime.