9 Helpful Psychiatric Services

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, mental health issues in Americans have increased drastically from their already high percentages. Currently, it is estimated that over 20% of the US population suffers from:

mental health services

·    Anxiety

·    Depression

·    Mania

·    Schizophrenia

·    PTSD

Lockdowns due to the pandemic have only exacerbated these mental health issues, which is why seeing a psychiatrist can be a great help in rebalancing mental health and living a better life.

Consider these nine helpful psychiatry services designed to relieve stress, assist with addiction, and provide support during the toughest of times.

# 9
– Psychiatric Evaluations

A psychiatric evaluation will best determine your mental illness. Once the problem has been evaluated, an effective treatment plan can be implemented.

#8 –
Medication Management

A psychiatrist is well versed in the positive and negative effects medication can have on a patient. As a result, they can prescribe the proper medication to meet your needs without affecting your physical health.

#7 –

Talking about the root causes of any trauma can significantly benefit a patient. Psychotherapy utilizes techniques in psychology to change dangerous thoughts or behaviors.

#6 –

Virtual mental health services are available from a variety of mental health professionals.

#5 –
Pharmacogenomic Analysis

A psychiatrist can analyze your unique genetic structure to provide treatments specific to your unique biome using bio-individualism.

#4 –
Medication-Assisted Treatment

If you are fighting addiction, a psychiatrist can prescribe medication designed to mitigate the effects of quitting addictive substances.

#3 –
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

With powerful magnetics, various electrical impulses in the brain can be manipulated to provide relief from mental health issues.

#2 –
Ketamine Infusion Treatment

The FDA has recently approved Ketamine and its derivatives for the effective mental health treatments it can provide.

#1 –
Electroconvulsive Therapy

This technique induces erratic neurological activity to manage stubborn mental health issues.